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From local transportation company to international services provider

Felbermayr Holding as we know it today was born back in 1942. This year heralded the founding of the company with just one truck for short-haul transport – a company which has since flourished into a successful business that is active all over Europe.

The company owes its development both to organic growth and to numerous takeovers. Felbermayr Holding is now run by the third generation of the Felbermayr family, Horst and Andrea Felbermayr, who are supported by the managers of the numerous individual departments within the company.

  • In April 2016, Stefan Hielle becomes the managing director of Felbermayr’s Construction Section. Hielle succeeds Hannes-Sebastian Huber.  
  • On 30 June 2016, Gisela Felbermayr resigns from her post on the Management Board and joins the Supervisory Board of Felbermayr Holding.  
  • In September, Felbermayr opens a new 40,000-square-metre branch in Sulzemoos. The branch located north-west of Munich houses the subsidiaries Wimmer Maschinentransporte and Hagn Umwelttechnik.
  • The Felbermayr division for international low-loader railway transport (ITB) realised the heaviest rail transport ever implemented in Europe with a unit weight of 482 tons. A 32-axle Schnabel wagon was used to manage the rail journey.
DI Horst Felbermayr, Andrea Felbermayr, Gisela Felbermayr, Horst Felbermayr
  • In early 2015, it opens a new heavy haulage hall at the Rhine Port of Krefeld. The tri-modal location convinces with a crane capacity of 400 tonnes, 4,000 square metres of storage and assembly area as well as open-air storage sites.
  • In June 2015, Felbermayr becomes the operator of a heavy cargo centre at the Port of Albern.    
  • On 2 December 2015, Horst Felbermayr resigns from his post on the Management Board and joins the Supervisory Board of Felbermayr Holding. At the same time, his son DI Horst Felbermayr becomes Felbermayr Holding’s CEO. His wife Andrea Felbermayr becomes the Holding’s managing director.
  • With the LR11000, Felbermayr takes the strongest crane in Austria in the fleet. This crawler crane from Liebherr has a maximum load capacity of 1,000 tonnes and can be ballasted with up to 790 tonnes.
  • In summer, Felbermayr receives two of the highest telescoping work platforms ever supplied in Europe. It can thus reach work heights of 57 metres.
Binnenschifffahrtsunternehmen Haeger & Schmidt Logistics
  • Felbermayr is taking over the German inland water navigation companies H&S Container Line and Haeger & Schmidt International from Belgian railway freight group SNCB Logistics, as well as a majority investment in the Belgian company, RKE.For the Felbermayr division of transportation and lifting technology, this means a considerable expansion in its inland waterway transportation and maritime services.
  • In December 2013, Friedrich Rametsteiner takes over the commercial management of Felbermayr’s Construction Section. Rametsteiner thus succeeds Johann Gangl who – following more than ten successful years – leaves the company on his own account.    
  • Felbermayr’s Construction Section acquires an asphalt mixing plant. The plant acquired in May is located in Haag am Hausruck and has a daily capacity of up to 2,000 tonnes of mixed material.    
  • In early July, Felbermayr Holding takes over the firm Der Baubetrieb. The former Alpine branch’s approximately 150 employees can thus keep their jobs.
  • Takeover of the operative divisions of the Reinhold Meister Group based in Hengersberg near Deggendorf. With this, Felbermayr establishes itself as a major player in hydraulic engineering and is expanding its scope in Germany by the business areas of hydraulic engineering and landfill construction as well as the investigation and disposal of arms and munitions.
  • In March 2011, the heavy load vessel Horst Felix was launched. As a result of its reinforced bow, a trimming tank and  hydraulically controlled stilts it is ideally suited to RoRo services but can also be used in various ways in hydraulic engineering.
  • The heavy goods vessel is named after the grandson of the company's founder, Horst Felbermayr.
  • Felbermayr becomes the operator of the heavy load- and bulk material port Krefeld am Rhein. Thus, Felbermayr extends ist possibilities in the sector of multi-modal transport.
  • Felbermayr Holding takes over Wimmer Maschinentransporte, a company specialising in industrial assembly and machine transports. The company is based in Upper Bavaria.  
  • With the founding of subsidiary companies in Croatia and Serbia as well as a branch in Brno (CS), Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik is further expanding.
  • In spring, Christoph Nüßler and Peter Stöttinger were appointed to the management of Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik.  In this function they are responsible for the business field together with Wolfgang Schellerer.
  • Felbermayr Holding GmbH replaced Felbermayr GmbH as a management company of the operative companies with effect from 1 October 2010. The management of this company was defined with Alfred Feldbauer as commercial manager in addition to Horst and Gisela Felbermayr and their son Horst Felbermayr. Felbermayr GmbH remains and trades primarily as an umbrella organisation for real estate companies.
  • In October, the qualified management expert and previous commercial manager of the Felbermayr group of companies, Johann Gangl, was appointed as commercial manager of Felbermayr Bau GmbH & Co KG. In this function he supports DI Horst Felbermayr.
Felbermayr wird mit dem Pegasus in Gold ausgezeichnet
  • Purchase of the worlds highest vehicle mounted extendable platform with a working height of 103 meters.
  • Felbermayr was awarded the Pegasus in gold and with that received the most prestigious business prize in the state.
  • Take-over of the firm Linke - Laying of a pipe-line in Detmold (near Bielefeld).
  • Acquisition of a stake in Best Logistics in Poland.
  • Formation of a subsidiary company in Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Wolfgang Schellerer is appointed to the business management of transport- and lifting technologies.
  • The Felbermayr construction firm is expanding its business area with the inclusion of the building construction branch.
  • Christoph Nüssler becomes the new business manager of the subsidiary firm Bau-Trans.
Horst und Gisela Felbermayr erhalten das Silberne Ehrenzeichen des Landes Oberösterreich verliehen.
  • In March, Horst and Gisela Felbermayr received the Silberne Ehrenzeichen award from the state of Upper Austria from the state governer Dr. Josef Pühringer.
  • On 3rd April, the strongest mobile crane in Germany rolled to Austria, passing the border in Suben. This means Felbermayr now has an LG 1750 with a maximum load capacity of 850 tonnes in its fleet of vehicles.
  • Felbermayr takes over Wirzius, based in Hilden near Düsseldorf, considerably expanding its offers in the sector of heavy loads and heavy equipment erection.
  • In June, Felbermayr is awarded the Pegasus in bronze, an economics prize from the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten newspaper.  This means Felbermayr is ranked among the champions of the local economy by a high-class jury.
  • At the end of the second quarter, Felbermayr took over the mobile cranes and building equipment of the national company, Interlift. This allows a considerable expansion of the range of services in the sector of civil engineering – Now Felbermayr also has "pile driving technology" in its product portfolio.
  • The constant expansion of the building operation made it necessary to let the existing regulations undergo an external examination and is certified in November by the Austria TÜV in accordance with EN ISO 9001:9002.
  • Take over of Austrian subsidiary of Europe's leading working platform hirer. This meant that Felbermayr increased their equipment in the area of working platforms and forklift truck rentals to over 1,000 vehicles.
  • In September, the lifting technology companies acquired in 2004 as well as the AKS in Vienna are completely integrated into Felbermayr Transport- und Hebetechnik GmbH & Co KG.
  • In October, Felbermayr acquired around 30 tugs and dredgers from Via Donau - Österreichische Wasserstraßen GmbH and boarded the industry of hydraulic engineering.
  • Takeover of Pinzl in Braunau, Austria.
  • Subsidiary in Liechtenstein founded to cover transport and lifting technology.
  • In April 2004, takeover of the Tyrol companies Scheffold and AKS Autokran- und Schwertransport in Wörgl and Thaur.
  • In Poland, the heavy haulage company ZRE is acquired.
  • Establishment of the new Felbermayr-Spezialtiefbau site in Stams.
  • Management of the construction sector by DI Horst Felbermayr.
  • Purchase of the LR 1750, a caterpillar crane with a load capacity of up to 800 tonnes. In 2004, through new developments, the crane giant was expanded to possess an optimal load capacity of 1000 tonnes.
  • Foundation of the AKS (Arbeitsgesellschaft für Kran- und Spezialtransporte (Labour society for crane and special transport) in Vienna. The Bau-Trans company in Vorarlberg becomes a Felbermayr subsidiary company.
  • New site founded in Eastern Europe: Bratislava.
  • Further strategic steps abroad: A sales office founded in Venice and a branch office founded in Moscow.
  • Takeover of the Adolf Bauer Ges.m.b.H. facade company.
  • Foundation of the field of FST (Felbermayr Spezial-Tiefbau (Felbermayr special civil engineering) and today's Bau-West department, which specialises in canal, bridge and power station construction.
  • An additional subsidiary established in North Germany (Verden, Lower Saxony).
  • Purchase of company grounds in Lanzendorf/Vienna. The companies of Wanko, ITB (Internationale Tieflader-Bahntransporte (International low-loader rail transport)) and AKS (Arbeitsgesellschaft für Kranverleih und Spezialtransporte (Labour society for crane hire and special transport)) were combined at this site.
  • Acquisition of Wallner, a company in Vienna that specialises in work platforms for hire.
  • For exemplary services in environmentally-friendly gravel mining and the re-cultivation of gravel-mined areas, Felbermayr was awarded the environmental prize from the state of Upper Austria.
  • Foundation of the Nürnberg site for heavy and special transport.
Felbermayr übernimmt Kern.
  • Integration and take over of mobile crane hire company, Kern, in Linz. 
  • Purchase of Voest company grounds in Linz with the accompanying heavy-duty harbour. This meant that Felbermayr now had new ways of using water as a mode of transport.
  • Acquisition of the Linz-based company Kern serves to develop our expertise in lifting technology even further.
  • The foundation of an ITB subsidiary in Prague marks the company's first step into Eastern Europe.
  • State-of-the-art recycling plant opened.
  • Felbermayr takes over Kern.
  • Purchasing Intercont's entire fleet of railway low-loader wagons puts the company on the rails for the first time. Internationale Tieflader Bahntransporte GmbH (ITB) is founded.
  • Work on founding a subsidiary in Graz is well under way.
Zukauf der Mobilkran- und Schwertransportdienstleister Wanko
  • Purchase of the mobile crane and heavy transport company, Wanko, in Vienna. Take over of Schwertrans Enns and Zwidl.
  • Foundation of Welser Baustoff-Recycling GmbH (WBR).
  • Starting crane hire: a 2-way-crane for the street and rail which is still unique today is acquired.
  • Purchase of a plot of land in Grieskirchen and construction of a plant hall with office building.
  • Purchase of an 18-hectare plot of land in Weißkirchen for the mining of shingle. Shortly afterwards, the site was expanded to include a washing plant for gravel production.
  • With the increasing amount of construction machines in operation at Felbermayr, the number of available low loader vehicles also grew. Therefore, it stood to reason to install our own area for special and heavy transport.
  • Purchase of the current company grounds in Machstrasse. Building of an office and workshop building and a hall.
  • Establishment of the Felbermayr branch in Grieskirchen through the purchase of the companies of Hintenaus and Scholze.
  • Entry into the container rental industry. This meant that containers for waste management were also available from the company for the first time.
  • The company was taken over by Horst and Gisela Felbermayr.
  • At this point, the fleet consisted of four lorries and a construction machine.
  • Purchase of first construction machine.
  • Initial establishment of company by Franz Felbermayr with one lorry for short-haul transportation. By the post-war years, the fleet already consisted of four lorries.
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