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Gravel, landfill and forestry service

From mining and selling building materials to garden maintenance

The range of services offered by the "Gravel/Landfill/Forestry service" includes the eco-friendly mining and selling of building materials such as shingle and gravel, the dumping of construction waste, and the planting of trees – right through to garden maintenance.

Abbau und Vertrieb von Baustoffen bis hin zur Gartenpflege

Environmentally friendly gravel and shingle quarrying

Gravel and broken stone are indispensable materials for the construction industry. Our range of services in this area includes not only producing different grit sizes for building concrete structures, roads and gardens, but also supplying gravel-based products using loading cranes and clamshell grabs and in containers and big bags. Felbermayr currently extracts these natural, raw materials from several sites. A direct link to the rail network, amongst other things, ensures that the material is extremely readily available. This also helps effectively reduce any harm done to the environment. 

Even before extraction begins, special attention is paid to the environmental impact. Existing tree cover is transplanted to a new location, and moving the soil protects the flora and fauna of the area. After extraction, gravel pits and quarries are painstakingly revegetated. In 1998, Felbermayr was honoured by receiving the award for environmental protection from the federal state of Upper Austria, awarded for the company's voluntary commitment to preserving nature.

Felbermayr baut Kies und Schotter umweltfreundlich ab

Disposing of materials correctly and with minimal impact on the environment

Ensuring that any materials which cannot be sent for recycling are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way is of the utmost importance. Our construction waste landfill site accepts waste such as asphalt, fibre-cement materials and concrete, as well as excavated earth and soil, and even rubble in general. 

Compliance with the most stringent environmental standards is guaranteed by ongoing checks and inspections – both by us and by official authorities.

Im Deponiepark werden Abfälle wie beispielsweise Asphalt, Faserzementstoffe und Beton sowie Erd- und Bodenaushub, aber auch Bauschutt im Allgemeinen, entgegengenommen.

Professional services in maintaining green areas

The staff working in our forestry service possess consummate manual skills and in-depth knowledge of issues relating to safety. Using resources in a responsible and thoughtful way is also a top priority for them when completing their work. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or would like a no-obligation quote.


  • Felling
  • Clearing and building site preparation
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Tree removal using a lifting platform/truck-mounted crane
  • Reforestation and recultivation work
  • Garden maintenance (moving grass, trimming hedges)
  • Disposing of garden waste and branches
Zu den Tätigkeiten im Forstservice zählen: Schlägerungen, Rodungen und Bauplatzvorbereitung, Baum- und Strauchpflege, Baumentfernung, Aufforstungs- sowie Rekultivierungsarbeiten, Gartenpflege, Entsorgung von Grünschnitt und Astwerk


Diplom Ingenieur (MEng) Wolfgang Pühringer

Head of Gravel Applications/Landfill Site/Forestry Service
Phone: +43 7242 695-163

Andreas Hüttmayr

Phone: +43 7242 695-130

Christian Rotschopf

Phone: +43 7242 695-135

Gabriele Hennerbichler

Environment & Resources Sales
Phone: +43 7242 695-652

Lisa Pflug

Environment & Resources Sales
Phone: +43 7242 695-618

Edith Kronawitter

Invoicing Environment & Resources
Phone: +43 7242 695-718

Roland Sandler, M.Sc.

Project Management
Phone: +43 7242 695-101

Sonja Kitzmüller, M.Sc.

Quality management
Phone: +43 664 600957707
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