90-metre boom lift in action for cultural monument Slider

90-metre boom lift in action for cultural monument

13/08/2018 | Besides its jobs in the industry, the latest purchase of Felbermayr’s Platform Rentals Department is also the perfect solution for creating expert reports and the restoration of cultural monuments. “F-90 LTK” proved this in mid-August during a job at Klosterneuburg Monastery.

The limestone sculptures on the north and south tower of the Klosterneuburg Monastery have been exposed to the elements for several centuries. This wears the limestone down. To prevent hazards from falling material, the monastery’s administration commissioned a scientific expert report. In a first step, crumbling material was identified and removed. A T 900 HF from Ruthmann based on a Scania chassis (Felbermayr denomination F-90 LTK) proved the perfect height access device for the job. 

Maximum flexibility thanks to work platform

With a working height of 90 metres and a lateral reach of 42 metres and the 33-metre upper boom, the F-90 LTK is the perfect tool when it comes to maximum flexibility in accessing interfering edges and working at great height. Due to local conditions, inspecting the towers only worked when using setup sites to the west and south. This meant that the north tower some 40 metres tall had to be accessed via the nave’s gable. “That was no problem thanks to the platform operator’s skills and the F-90 LTK boom lift,” says the responsible field agent Thomas Wiesner who goes on to specify that the stone figures located at 65 metres could also be accessed this way. The maximum lateral outreach was 40 metres. The basket’s possible rotation angle of 440° allowed for particularly efficient work.

Alternatives to the use of a work platform had been to build a scaffold or use a mobile crane with a work basket. Both alternatives would have exceeded the costs of the work platform by far, however. Additionally, the work platform can approach the sensitive limestone works with centimetre precision thanks to gentle and jolt-free navigation. This provides the employees involved with a sense of security and helps prevent millions of Euros of damage.

In order to avoid possible hazards, some 100 kilograms of loose stone were removed right after the report had been created. The two 85-metre-tall towers are scheduled for a comprehensive restoration in 2020.