Transport and lifting technology


“ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS” – Felbermayr starts a new division


Supported by the areas of crane hire and heavy transport, Felbermayr has already been an important partner for heavy-lift handling when it comes to heavy equipment installation for some time; nearly...

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A 10-tonne bronze horse erected with a lifting frame


Felbermayr Linz was assigned a heavy transport order with a historical background. In mid-August, the bronze casting of Alexander the Great’s legendary warhorse Bucephalus was transported to the...

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A world first with 70 meter working height


The new F-70 LTK work platform, a world first in lifting technology, recently brought the Felbermayr operating personnel and two employees of a cleaning company up into the air. In doing so, a...

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Heavy transport for environmentally friendly energy


A total of 16 pressurised heat accumulators, each weighing 90 tonnes, were transported from Rain am Lech to Cottbus for the conversion of a combined heat and power plant from lignite to gas operation....

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Lifting frame used for fruit press installation


In mid-April, the heavy equipment installation team from Felbermayr was called in to replace a fruit press weighing around 25 tonnes. The setting was the factory of the Austrian fruit juice producer...

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Dual transportation with obstacles


An industrial column more than 34 metres in length was transported by the Felbermayr project department from Steinhaus near Wels to Gendorf in Bavaria in the middle of October.

At 160 tonnes, the...

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Support frame bridge in action


In the summer of 2019, the project department of heavy transport specialist Bau-Trans transported a 23 metre long steam drum weighing 105 tonnes, from Nüziders in Vorarlberg to Upper Austria. Many...

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A quarter century of rail


The three transport routes of rail, road and water are a fixed constituent part of the Felbermayr company philosophy. To be strictly accurate, on the 1st of July the division for international...

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Heavy haulage and installation for a cold levelling machine


In the middle of April Felbermayr Schwermontage was called upon for the heavy haulage of two cold levelling machines and positioning them on their foundations. All this took place at the voestalpine...

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Trimodal heavy transport for "power plant relocation"


More than ten years ago a gas power plant was planned in the eastern Hungarian city of Vásárosnamény. However, it was never erected even although the major components, such as the turbine and stator,...

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"Heavy work" for wheat starch factory


Heavy transports as well as lattice boom and mobile cranes were required within the course of the expansion of a wheat starch factory in the Lower Austrian town of Pischelsdorf in February. Felbermayr...

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Crane use in cement plants


Heavy-transport vehicles and mobile cranes from Felbermayr were used in early January for the modernisation of a cement plant in Upper Austria. In doing so, components with individual weights of more...

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