Technical specifications

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Reliability and handshake quality are two of our main success factors reflecting our business culture. Knowledge accumulated over decades, first-class equipment and state-of-the-art technology and the honest intention to recognise and to meet the requirements of our customers are further ingredients of the formula for the success of Felbermayr-Hebetechnik. 

And believe us, with around 3,800 working platforms, forklifts and telescopic forklifts; around 400 mobile cranes with maximum loads of 30 to 750 tonnes and crawler cranes in various load classes, we are well equipped. For the very heavy jobs, an LR11000 with a maximum load of 1,000 tonnes is used. This crane boasts an impressive hook height of up to 220 metres.

5 m
5 m
105 m

Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-27 LT 27 m Diesel 0.23 to 6,86xk,A,x2,99 m Download
F-14 LT 13.5 m Diesel 0.23 to 6,58x2,10x3,20 m Download
F-18 LT 18 m Diesel 0.2 to 8,70x2,00x3,20 m Download
F-20 LT 20 m Diesel 0.2 to 6,80x2,20x2,95 m Download
F-22 LT 22 m Diesel 0.2 to 7,73x2,33x3,10 m Download
F-22 LTR 22.1 m Diesel 0.2 to 7,20x2,00x3,00 m Download
F-26 LTK 26 m Diesel 0.25 to 7,90x2,30x3,00 m Download
F-26 LTR 26 m Diesel 0.25 to 7,86x2,34x3,03 m Download
F-28 LTK 28.5 m Diesel 0.32 to 8,19x2,50x3,56 m Download
F-30 LTK 30 m Diesel 0.3 to 8,53x2,50x3,50 m Download
F-33 LTK 33 m Diesel 0.32 to 8,79x2,50x3,56 m Download
F-35 LTK 35 m Diesel 0.3 to 8,80x2,45x3,50 m Download
F-42 LTK 42 m Diesel 0.35 to 11,37x2,50x3,75 m Download
F-48 LTK 48 m Diesel 0.6 to 10,36x2,55x3,78 m Download
F-61 LTK 61 m Diesel 0.6 to 12,00x2,50x3,98 m Download
F-63 LTK 63 m Diesel 0.6 to 11,99x2,50x3,99 m Download
F-70 LTK 68.9 m Diesel 0.59 to 11,96x2,54x3,94 m Download
F-90 LTK 90 m Diesel 0.6 to 14,99x2,55x4,00 m Download
F-103 LTK 102.5 m Diesel 0.6 to 16,50x2,75x3,99 m Download
Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-5 BS 5.7 m Batterie 0.23 to 1,04x0,74x1,70 m Download
F-06 BS 6.57 m Batterie 0.27 to 1,63x0,74x1,73 m Download
F-08 BS/S 7.8 m Battery 0.23 to 1.86x0,76x1,83 m Download
F-08 BS 8.1 m Batterie 0.36 to 2,26x0,81x1,78 m Download
F-8 BS 8.1 m Batterie 0.54 to 2,26x1,15x1,55 m Download
F-10 BSX 9.9 m Batterie 0.68 to 2,79x1,60x1,92 m Download
F-10 DSX 9.9 m Diesel 0.68 to 2,79x1,60x1,92 m Download
F-10 BS 9.92 m Batterie 0.45 to 2,26x0,81x1,91 m Download
F-10 BS/S 10 m Battery 0.23 to 2,48x0,83x2,00 m Download
F-12 BS 11.75 m Batterie 0.32 to 2,26x0,81x2,03 m Download
F-12 BSX 11.96 m Batterie 0.45 to 2,79x1,60x1,92 m Download
F-12 DSX 12 m Diesel 0.9 to 2,50x1,55x2,48 m Download
F-14 BS 13.7 m Batterie 0.35 to 2,26x1,15x1,88 m Download
F-14 BSX 14.12 m Batterie 0.36 to 2,79x1,60x2,08 m Download
F-15 DSX 15.11 m Diesel 0.68 to 3,98x1,83x2,25 m Download
F-16 BS 15.7 m Batterie 24V 0.25 to 2,48x1.1.19x2,18 m Download
F-18 BSX 18 m Batterie 0.75 to 4,40x2,30x3,15 m
F-18 DSX 18.15 m Diesel 0.68 to 3,98x1,83x2,47 m Download
F-21 DSX 21.5 m Diesel 0.75 to 4,50x2,30x2,88 m Download
F-22 DSX 22 m Diesel 0.75 to 4,95x2,46x3,00 m Download
F-22 BS 22 m Batterie 48V 0.6 to 4,72x1,25x2,99 m Download
F-23 DSX 23 m Diesel 1 to 5,35x2,50x3,92 m Download
F-27 DSX 27 m Diesel 1 to 6,15x2,50x3,89 m Download
F-28 BS 28 m Batterie 0.75 to 5,21x1,30x4,10 m Download
F-32 DSX 32 m Diesel 1 to 6,73x2,55x3,19 m Download
F-33 BS 33 m Batterie 0.6 to 6,40x1,20x3,11 m Download
Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-05 MB 5.6 m Batterie 0.22 to 1,34x0,76x1,62 m
F-10 MKB 10 m Batterie 0.23 to 2,67x1,00x2,00 m Download
F-12 MKB/H 12 m Batterie 24V 0.2 to 3,36x0,98x1,98 m Download
F-12 MKB 12 m Batterie 24 V 0.21 to 2,35x1,25x2,40 m Download
F-14 ME 14.4 m Batterie 0.14 to 1,32x0,74x12,90 m Download
Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-11 GTB 11.1 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 3,50x1,20x2,05 m Download
F-12 GTKX/M 11.91 m Diesel 0.23 to 5,50x1,80x2,02 m Download
F-12 GTB/M 12 m Batterie 48V 0.2 to 5,48x1,20x1,99 m Download
F-12 GTB 12.52 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 5,72x1,47x2,00 m Download
F-13 GTKX 12.52 m Diesel 0.23 to 5,64x1,73x2,00 m Download
F-14 GTB 13.5 m Batterie 0.23 to 4,10x1,49x2,00 m Download
F-15 GTB/M 15 m Batterie 48V 0.2 to 6,05x1,50x1,97 m Download
F-16 GTB 15.7 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 6,65x1,75x2,00 m Download
F-15 GTXK/B 15.7 m Diesel/Batterie 48V 0.23 to 4,80x2,00x2,10 m Download
F-16 TKX 15.72 m Diesel 0.23 to 8,48x2,24x2,49 m Download
F-16 TKX/A 15.9 m Diesel 0.23 to 7,56x2,30x2,00 m Download
F-16 GTB/D 15.92 m Batterie / Diesel 0.23 to 6,83x1,79x2,00 m Download
F-16 GTKX 16 m Diesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to 6,83x2,29x2,06 m Download
F-17 GTB 16.9 m Batterie 0.2 to 6,84x1,75x2,04 m Download
F-18 GTKX 17.62 m Diesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to 7,50x2,29x2,16 m Download
F-18 GTKX/M 17.65 m Diesel 33 kW 0.23 to 5,77x2,30x2,37 m Download
F-20 GTB/D 20.16 m Batterie 48V 0.23 to 8,15x2,49x2,54 m Download
F-20 TKX 20.2 m Diesel 43 kW 0.23 to 10,04x2,43x2,64 m Download
F-20 GTKX 20.39 m Diesel 35,8 kW 0.23 to 8,15x2,46x2,69 m Download
F-21 GTKX 20.5 m Diesel 38 kW 0.25 to 9,00x2,38x2,74 m Download
F-20 GTB 20.76 m Batterie 72V 0.25 to 8,54x2,41x3,00 m Download
F-21 GTBD 20.8 m Hybrid 0.23 to 6,65x2,27x2,15 m Download
F-22 TKX 22 m Diesel 49,2 kW 0.23 to 8,81x2,41x2,82 m Download
F-23 TKX 23 m Diesel 32,1 kW 0.25 to 10,24x2,48x2,82 m Download
F-25 TKX 25 m Diesel 32,1 kW 0.25 to 12,87x2,48x2,82 m Download
F-26 GTKX 25.77 m Diesel 58 kW 0.23 to 11,27x2,49x3,00 m Download
F-28 TKX/M 27.75 m Diesel 33,6 kW 0.35 to 11,35x2,43x2,72 m Download
F-28 TKX 27.9 m Diesel 55 kW 0.23 to 12,20x2,50x2,80 m Download
F-28 GTB/D 28.1 m Batterie 80V 0.25 to 11,83x2,50x2,89 m Download
F-32 GTKX 32 m Diesel 64 kW 0.25 to 8,90x2,53x2,80 m Download
F-34 TKX 34 m Diesel 56 kW 0.23 to 14,02x2,54x3,00 m Download
F-40 TKX 40.15 m Diesel 57 kW 0.23 to 14,25x2,46x3,07 m Download
F-43 GTKX 43.15 m Diesel 58,1 kW 0.27 to 12,93x2,46x3,07 m Download
F-57 TKX 56.86 m Diesel 55 kW 0.34 to 14,33x2,49x3,05 m Download
Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-13 TR 13 m Diesel 0.23 to 4,59x0,78x1,95 m Download
F-14 TR 14 m Batterie / Benzin 0.12 to 4,00x0,78x1,96 m Download
F-19 GTR 18.8 m Batterie / Benzin 0.2 to 4,45x1,40x2,12 m Download
F-20 GTR 20 m Batterie / Benzin 0.23 to 5,01x1,49x2,00 m Download
F-22 TKX TRAX 21.81 m Diesel 0.3 to 9,76x2,58x2,81 m Download
F-22 TR 22 m Batterie / Benzin 0.25 to 4,52x0,94x1,97 m Download
F-23 GTR 23 m Batterie / Diesel 0.2 to 6,20x0,98x1,97 m Download
F-26 GTR 26 m Batterie / Diesel 0.25 to 5,58x0,99x1,98 m
F-30 TR 30 m Batterie 0.2 to 7,20x1,58x1,98 m Download
F-31 TR 31 m Diesel 0.4 to 7,46x1,14x1,99 m Download
Title Max. Working Height Drive Type Max. Load Capacity Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-12 AGE 12.2 m Batterie / Benzin 0.2 to 4,50x1,50x1,90 m Download
F-14 AGE 14 m Batterie 0.21 to 7,10x1,88x2,25 m Download
F-15 ATB 15 m Batterie 0.23 to 6,04x1,66x1,99 m Download
F-18 ATB 18 m Batterie 0.2 to 7,82x2,00x2,14 m Download
F-18/21/25 ATB/B 18 m Batterie / Benzin 0.2 to 8,40x1,70x2,10 m Download
2 m
2 m
22 m
1.5 to
1.5 to
12 to

Title Max. Load Capacity Max. Lift Height Drive Type Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-1,5 GSD 1.5 to 4.3 m Diesel 3,36x1,06x2,12 m Download
F-1,6 GSB 1.6 to 3.3 m Batterie 660 Ah 3,25x1,06x1,95 m Download
F-2,0 GSB 2 to 6 m Batterie 660 Ah 3,28x1,12x1,96 m Download
F-2,0 GSD 2 to 3 m Diesel 3,40x1,15x2,15 m
F-2,5 GSB 2.5 to 5 m Batterie 700 Ah 3,60x1,23x2,22 m Download
F-2,5 GSD 2.5 to 4.3 m Diesel 3,70x1,19x2,10 m Download
F-3 GSX 3 to 4.2 m Diesel 4,08x1,32x2,30 m Download
F-3,0 GSB 3 to 5 m Batterie 700 Ah 3,60x1,23x2,22 m Download
F-5,0 GSB 3 to 3 m Batterie 700 Ah 3,15x1,38x2,30 m
F-3,0 GSD 3 to 4.3 m Diesel 3,87x1,23x2,16 m Download
F-3,5 GSD 3.5 to 3.8 m Diesel 3,73x1,18x2,18 m
F-3,5 GSX 3.5 to 3.3 m Diesel 4,13x1,32x2,10 m
F-4,0 GSD 4 to 4 m Diesel 4,20x1,36x2,25 m Download
F-5 GSX 5 to 3.7 m Diesel 4,96x2,07x2,91 m Download
F-5,0 GSD 5 to 4.95 m Diesel 4,30x1,40x2,35 m Download
F-7,0 GSD 7 to 2.8 m Diesel 4,52x2,72x2,54 m Download
F-8,0 GSB 8 to 3 m Batterie 4,39x2,10x2,77 m Download
F-10,0 GSD 10 to 4.9 m Diesel 7,30x2,60x3,50 m Download
F-16,0 GSD 16 to 5 m Diesel 7,97x2,54x3,02 m
Title Max. Load Capacity Max. Lift Height Drive Type Dimensions (lxwxh) File
F-04 TSX 2 to 4.3 m Diesel 3,66x1,50x1,96 m
F-6 TSX 2.3 to 5.7 m Diesel 47 kW 4,92x1,80x1,92 m Download
F-06 TSX 2.5 to 5.85 m Diesel 5,09x1,81x1,92 m Download
F-6 TSX/M 2.8 to 6.3 m Diesel 74.5 kW 5,63x1,99x1,99 m Download
F-10 TSX 3 to 9.9 m Diesel 61.5 kW 6,19x2,26x2,30 m Download
F-16 TSX - Rotor 3.5 to 15.8 m Diesel 74.5 kW 6,08x2,39x2,97 m Download
F-11 TSX 3.5 to 11.05 m Diesel 5,37x2,28x2,42 m
F-17 TSX 3.5 to 16.7 m Diesel 84 kW 7,49x2,33x2,55 m Download
F-08 TSX 3.5 to 7.75 m Diesel 6,44x2,28x2,42 m Download
F-14 TSX/M 4 to 13.6 m Diesel 74.5 kW 7,29x2,41x2,61 m Download
F-18 TSX 4 to 17.5 m Diesel 75 kW 7,47x2,42x2,45 m Download
F-25 TSX 4 to 20.6 m Diesel 97 kW 9,02x2,43x3,03 m Download
F-18 TSXR 4 to 17.9 m Diesel 55kW 6,74x2,40x2,97 m
F-14 TSX 4 to 13.53 m Diesel 7,33x2,37x2,45 m Download
F-18 TSX-Rotor 4.5 to 18 m Diesel 7,26x2,45x3,04 m Download
F-22 TSXR 4.99 to 20.9 m Diesel 115kW 8,07x2,49x3,05 m
F-22 TSX/M 5 to 20.6 m Diesel 97 kW 7,98x2,43x3,03 m Download
F-35 TSXR 6 to 34.9 m Diesel 170kW 9,20x2,51x3,15 m
F-26 TSX/Rotor 6 to 25.9 m Diesel 9,28x2,50x3,10 m Download
F-35 TSX 6 to 34.9 m Allrad 9.2x2,5x3,15 m Download
F-25 TSX/6T 6 to 25 m Diesel 8,83x2,53x3,15 m Download
F-8 TSX/M 6 to 8.1 m Diesel 97 kW 6,57x2,40x2,45 m Download
F-22 TSX Rotor 6 to 21.8 m Diesel 8,83x2,50x3,10 m Download
F-09 TSX 6 to 9 m Diesel 6,10x2,48x2,53 m
F-07 TSX 9 to 6.8 m Diesel 5,27x2,47x2,48 m
F-10 TSX/12t 12 to 9.6 m Diesel 130 kW 7,75x2,40x2,90 m Download

Title Max. Load Capacity Max. Lift Height Dimensions (lxwxh) Radius File
MC 285 3 to 8.57 m 3,36x7,5x1,44 m 8.21 m Download
MC 405 4 to 16.48 m 4,98x1,38x1,98 m 16 m Download
LC 785 5 to 15.63 m 5x2,35x2,69 m 14.52 m Download