Management and supervisory board

Knowledge and passion - Made by Felbermayr

The Felbermayr Group with its subsidiaries and strategic holdings is a family-run business with management structures throughout Europe as well as international partners.  

A competent management, clear, streamlined structures and motivated employees are the characteristics of the company's success. 

The foundations for this success were laid by Horst and Gisela Felbermayr in 1967; work that would result in the company becoming successful in 18 countries across Europe. Within a few decades, and with the help of deserving employees, they transformed what was once a small company into an internationally active family-owned business. On 2nd December 2015 and 30 June 2016 respectively, Gisela and Horst Felbermayr traded their roles in company management for seats on the Supervisory Board. At the same time, Horst Felbermayr, the son of Horst and Gisela Felbermayr, took over the role of Head of General Management of Felbermayr Holding. His wife, Andrea Felbermayr, moved into the role of Managing Director of the holding company. Horst Felbermayr Sr. passed away in March 2020.

From left to right: Gisela Felbermayr, Horst Felbermayr, Andrea Felbermayr


General management


DI Horst Felbermayr (download)     
The son of the company's founder, whose name he shares, has taken over responsibilities
as the executive director of Felbermayr Holding since 1st October 2010.

Andrea Felbermayr (download)   
Managing Director of Felbermayr Holding. She is responsible
for looking after the financial interests of the entire group.

Alfred Feldbauer [Mag.] (download)       
has been the commercial director of Felbermayr Holding since 1st October 2010.
Feldbauer was previously the executive director of an international company in the marking industry.


  Wolfgang Schellerer (download)   
Wolfgang Schellerer has been head of the Felbermayr transport department since 1988 and played an important role in the
company's development. He was made a member of the management team for transport and lifting technology in 2007.
  Christoph Nüßler (download)   
Christoph Nüßler has been head of Felbermayr's subsidiary, BauTrans, since 2002. In addition, he was
appointed as a member of the management team of Felbermayr transport and lifting technology in May 2010.
  Peter Stöttinger [Ing. Mag.] (download)         
After his work in the successful set-up of the project department, Peter Stöttinger became a
member of the management team for Felbermayr transport and lifting technology in 2010.


Stefan Hielle [Master Builder, Dipl.-Ing., MBA]  (download)
Stefan Hielle has been the Technical Director of Felbermayr Bau GmbH & Co KG since April 2016. Hielle
has so far successfully acquired and implemented projects in the infrastructure, power plant and industrial
construction sectors, both within Germany and abroad. In so doing, he has acquired extensive skills in
management and organisational development.


Rainer Traunwieser (download​​​​​​​)         
Commercial Managing Director of Felbermayr Construction since December 2022. Traunwieser has been
in the company since 2013 and most recently he was responsible for the areas structural, industrial and
power plant construction, civil engineering in Austria as well as hydraulic engineering and environment
​​​​​​​and resources as commercial division manager.