Felbermayr crane rental

From mobile cranes to crawler-cranes – Know-how and expertise in crane rental

Felbermayr crane rental has a fleet of around 500 cranes with hook heights of up to 200 metres and maximum lifting capacities of 1000 tonnes. From mobile cranes to crawler cranes – Felbermayr offers an outstanding quality of service and a Europe-wide location infrastructure in crane rental in addition to its large fleet of vehicles with innovative technology.

At Felbermayr, you will find the right crane for every area of application: 

  • Telescopic mobile cranes
  • Mobile construction cranes
  • Off-highway cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Lattice boom cranes / loading cranes
  • Compact cranes / city cranes


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With a total of 491 mobile cranes that reach a combined hook height of precisely 33,296 metres,…

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You can find datasheets and working diagrams for our cranes for download here.

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Rent a crane from Felbermayr

Mobile crane hire
Telescopic mobile cranes have a variable telescopic jib, which makes it possible to reach even great working heights quickly and safely. These telescopic cranes, also known as truck-mounted cranes, also offer the greatest possible flexibility and mobility in use. The all-terrain chassis enables comfortable driving on public roads as well as off-road. Felbermayr can provide the right mobile crane for every application. Our fleet includes telescopic cranes with lifting capacities from 25 to 750 tonnes – with lifting heights of up to 154 metres and with two to nine axles, depending on requirements. 

Mobile construction crane hire
When in use, mobile construction cranes offer advantages such as a low space requirement and the possibility of safely bringing heavy loads to their destination over interfering edges with a full jib length. Felbermayr has mobile construction cranes with a maximum load capacity of six to eight tonnes and a maximum jib length of 59 metres. 

Off-highway crane hire
Off-highway cranes are specially designed for use on rough terrain. The advantages of off-highway cranes are their mobility on a wide variety of surfaces, their extraordinarily high lifting capacity and, above all, their high stability on uneven ground. Their robust tyres make them particularly versatile. The Felbermayr crane fleet includes off-highway cranes with lifting capacities of 30 to 60 tonnes, with maximum lifting heights of up to 52 metres and a 30-metre radius. 

Crawler crane hire
Crawler cranes are equipped with crawler tracks instead of wheels and can be moved under load. Depending on the load and ground requirements, crawler cranes with load capacities of 60 to 1000 tonnes with an exceptional 11-metre track width can be requested from Felbermayr crane hire. Felbermayr crawler cranes are state of the art and have a wide range of safety features.

Telescopic crawler cranes in particular can move safely and flexibly on almost any surface thanks to the crawler tracks. The crawler tracks ensure excellent stability. Machines with load capacities between 60 and 100 tonnes are available in the Felbermayr fleet.

Lattice boom crawler cranes on the other hand have to stand on a suitably load-bearing and level surface for the respective load case. The Felbermayr crane rental service has lattice boom crawler cranes with lifting capacities from 160 to 1000 tonnes. 

Lattice boom crane hire
Lattice boom cranes are characterised by their enormous lifting capacity. The wheels on the undercarriage provide the mobility needed to get to the site quickly and easily. The crane is assembled or set up directly on site. 

Loading crane hire
A loading crane is a versatile lifting device that can be mounted on trucks, trailers or other vehicles. It saves time and money by efficiently moving loads (loading and unloading heavy goods of all kinds). Loading cranes can be equipped with various attachments to meet the different requirements during use. These include jib systems as hydraulic articulated boom extensions. These are used, for example, to overcome interfering edges. In addition, we also rent out loader cranes with additional equipment such as pallet forks or work baskets. As a special feature, all our rental loader cranes are equipped with a cable winch for lifting loads.

Compact crane hire
Thanks to their compact design, compact cranes are ideally suited for lifting work at locations with limited space. This is often the case in city centres or in industrial halls. As a result, compact cranes are also known as city cranes.


We rent out our cranes throughout Europe. In addition to crane hire in Wels and Linn, Felbermayr has branches in all provinces of Austria. Rent cranes – from large cranes to mini cranes – quickly and easily with know-how and expertise in Vienna, Lanzendorf, Klagenfurt and Styria. The expert advisors from the work crane rental stations in Lower Austria, in Burgenland, in Vorarlberg and in Tyrol can also provide support with the rental of crawler cranes and other types of crane.

In Germany, for example, you can rent Felbermayr cranes throughout the entire Lausitz region. Our experts from Felbermayr crane rental in the Dresden, Bautzen, Kamenz, Markersdorf, Spreetal and Schipkau branches are available to provide advice. In Bavaria, you will find Felbermayr crane rental in Burghausen.

You can also find other Felbermayr crane rental branches in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.