Heavy transport by rail

Low-loader rail transport for heavy goods

The ITB division for international low-loader rail transport specialises in special rail transport. Since we began offering this service in 1994, we have achieved a significant milestone on our journey to become a tri-modal heavy goods logistics service provider. When it comes to rail transport, we have varied and flexible high-performance rail equipment with special carriages from 6 to 32 axles and load-bearing capacities of up to 500 tons at our disposal.

Our carriages’ modular construction allows for highest flexibility in practical use. Thus, our 32-axle carriages enable various configuration options, using a low loader bridge, jib carrier or charge carrier, or an optional sideways movement and lift/lower function for negotiating obstacles.

Our portfolio ranges from design consultancy for the loads and stretches through to collecting information on the current transport situation and optimisation. As a matter of course, we also take care of all permission procedures, the planning, organisation and execution of the transport. If needed, we can also plan and implement the transfer between rail, road and water transport in every possible combination.