From mining and selling gravel and crushed stone

Environmentally friendly extraction at the gravel plants Weisskirchen and Kreisbichl

The range of services offered includes the eco-friendly mining and selling of mineral building materials such as gravel and crushed stone. The mining of these building materials mainly takes place in the greater area of Wels in Upper Austria. 



Mon to Thurs: 07:00 - 17:00 hrs, Fri: 07:00 - 12:00 hrs.

Environmentally friendly gravel and crushed stone quarrying

Gravel and crushed stone are indispensable materials for the construction industry. Our range of services in this area includes not only producing different grain sizes for building concrete structures, roads and gardens, but also supplying gravel-based products using loading cranes and clamshell grabs and in containers and Big-bags. Felbermayr currently extracts these natural, raw materials at several sites. 

Even before extraction begins, special attention is paid to the environmental impact. Existing tree cover is transplanted to a new location, and moving the soil protects the flora and fauna of the area. After extraction, gravel pits and quarries are painstakingly revegetated. In 1998, Felbermayr was honoured by receiving the award for environmental protection from the federal state of Upper Austria, awarded for the company's voluntary commitment to preserving nature.