Specialised civil engineering and excavation support

Construction specialists between heaven and earth

As an Austrian family-owned company in the heart of the European Alps, we are often entrusted with the most difficult construction tasks in the alpine region – including the High Alps. With the founding of the Felbermayr specialised civil engineering department (FST for short), we have responded to the needs of our customers. There is almost nothing that we cannot accomplish: Securing rocks by putting anchorages or sprayed concrete in place, building avalanche protection structures or fixed rope routes, injection, underpinning and excavation support.

FST employees are construction specialists with experience in executing the most difficult of construction projects. We see ourselves as partners for working in the most difficult conditions, whether in the middle of the city or up in the High Alps.

Well anchored – professionally secured

  • Whenever loose stone or rock threatens to break away, we can guarantee its stability again
  • and prevent hazards for people and the environment.
  • Anchors are used to transfer forces deep into the ground or rock, enabling the outer layers
    of stone to be secured.
  • The areas of application are diverse and range from excavation support through slope and
    rock stabilisation and on to the anchoring of foundations.

Excavation support – everything is possible

  • Wherever there is inadequate space for expansive embankments, construction pits
    must be comprehensively and professionally secured.

Sprayed concrete – working under high pressure

  • Whether used for securing slopes, rock or excavation support, sprayed concrete is
    accelerated at high pressure onto the application surface. Compacted in this way, the
    treated surface is extremely durable and resistant to mechanical influences.
  • The sprayed concrete, or sprayed mortar, is well worked and applied in layers, and can
    also be additionally reinforced with steel mats if required.


Securing rock – Hazard identified and averted

  • Changing climatic conditions and mechanical influences often lead to instability in rock formations.
    The resultant slides can cause lasting damage to nature and the environment.
  • Often our work is preceded by expert geological assessments, which clarify the static requirements.
    Our range of services stretches from blasting, the removal and clearing away of loose rock though to
    the securing and sealing of the rock surface.
  • The manufacturing of rockfall protection nets is likewise a frequently requested measure.


Small-bore pilings – a firm hold for walls and much more

  • Alongside the technical equipment, setting small-bore pilings also requires in-depth
    geological knowledge as a pile can only hold as well as the ground layer permits.
  • Deep drilling for the extraction of geothermal heat is likewise part of our range of services.

Avalanche protection structures – Safety for people and the environmen

  • The increasing populations in many valleys of Austria and other alpine countries necessitates
    comprehensive avalanche barriers.
  • Depending on the wind conditions, the distribution of the snow is a factor that should not
    be underestimated in the occurrence of avalanches.
  • Drift structures such as snow fences prevent the wind-driven snow from drifting into areas
    that are at risk of avalanches developing.