Road and traffic route construction

New construction and renovation of traffic routes

We construct and improve private and public roads and paths, forecourts, cycle lanes, motorways and dual carriageways. Our road-building expertise here includes creating the sub-grade as well as the base course of the upper structure and on to the laying of the asphalt and optional paving work. Our particular strength in this area is the development of entire projects, including the construction of flyovers and underpasses.

The continuous high quality of the materials used is guaranteed by using our own asphalt mixing plant, amongst other things. Furthermore, we also have numerous finishers, insulated trucks and rollers for compacting the asphalt. The many years of experience of our employees ensures short construction times, first-class work and a high level of flexibility.

Within the framework of an increasingly necessary mobility of people, we are also setting ourselves new challenges in traffic route engineering. 
In addition to providing long-lasting quality, sticking to deadlines and observing specifications, we are always striving to meet the ever more exacting requirements and wishes of our customers.