Suction excavator

Hire suction excavator at favourable prices and save costs

Innovative suction excavator technology has now made it possible to eliminate hard, dust-generating materials quickly and tailored to on-site conditions. Even in places that are difficult to access, materials such as earth, shingle, gravel, rubble, chippings – even false floors – can be vacuumed effortlessly and without creating dust. Time, and thus costs, can be saved with the suction excavators.

The benefits for you:
The most powerful suction excavator in Austria with 3-turbine technology for maximum suction power.

  • Up to twelve times faster than manual shovelling
  • Breaking, vacuuming and transporting with just one machine
  • Faster rapid response – without having to study piping and layout drawings
  • Cost benefit
  • Dust-free use
  • Lowest possible spatial requirements
  • Only one employee required for operation

Individual applications in detail:
Examples of use include vacuuming the gravel off flat roofs and uncovering pipelines in the soil, where using suction instead of digging can minimise or even negate the risk of damage.

  • Vacuuming of construction rubble
  • Vacuuming of false floors
  • Vacuuming of roof gravel
  • Vacuuming of basements
  • Underpinning of existing buildings
  • Excavation of cables, pipelines and supply connections (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Sewer pipes for repairs and overhauls
  • Excavation of sewer connections
  • Excavation of hydrants
  • Excavation of coupling holes
  • Pipeline sounding
  • Trench construction amidst existing pipelines
  • Vacuuming out of inaccessible areas
  • Vacuuming out of water and gas pipe breaks
  • Cleaning of systems – industrial cleaning
  • Cleaning of conveyance systems
  • Cleaning of filter systems
  • Vacuuming of silos
  • Excavation of tank systems
  • Vacuuming out of sedimentation basins (where sludge is no longer pumpable)
  • Vacuuming out of railway ballast
  • Vacuuming out of sand and stone traps
  • Vacuuming out of soakaways and gravel traps
  • Vacuuming out of contaminated ground
  • Removal of spills
  • Vacuuming out of silo systems (wood chips, fodder, etc.)
  • Vacuuming out and cleaning of bunkers
  • Vacuuming out of ash from heating systems
  • Vacuuming out of blasting sand, e.g. with tank renovations
  • Basement vacuuming
  • Excavation of tree stumps
  • Soil replacement in the root area
  • Vacuuming out of habitats
  • Vacuuming out of moors, mud (e.g. after storms)