Installation/move in

Providing a full service right through to positioning foundations

For us, the transport of heavy goods does not end at the unloading point. Only the use of the perfect heavy-lift equipment makes special transport a customer-oriented full-service experience. And this starts with individual advice and planning for the transport and the relocation of machines and industrial components.

Our qualified teams provide safe disassembly and assembly of the heaviest of goods. This includes, among others, reactors and containers as well as industrial columns. Yet we also possess decades of experience as a Europe-wide installation company, in the field of mounting power station components on their foundations.

A prerequisite for this however, is the provision of correspondingly high-quality technical equipment. Apart from high-performance cranes, we also provide all kinds of hydraulic auxiliary equipment such as lift frames, strand jacks, self-propelled platforms as well as skidways and air cushions.