From earthworks to civil engineering

Better from the ground up with Felbermayr

Civil engineering is a collective term for the most varied types of construction work, and at Felbermayr, it presupposes reliable consultation and planning, and support in many regards.

Our range of services encompasses all types of earth moving work, such as excavating in every dimension, embanking and digging channels, ground profiling, backfilling and concreting works, pipeworks as well as erecting stone walls and slope protection, creation of outdoor facilities, drainage and sewage systems, and cable works.

We have at our disposal the latest and most powerful equipment for such a breadth of civil engineering services, For example, ground profiling can be carried out with centimetre accuracy using GPS-controlled excavators, graders and crawlers. Numerous references in the construction of rail, road and power station construction guarantee the high quality of our work - our expertise is well proven.