Engineered Solutions

Individual use of heavy duty equipment

The Felbermayr division Engineered Solutions develops innovative technical solutions for the construction industry, the construction of petrochemical plants, onshore and offshore projects and for many other business areas. With our modern equipment, we make the impossible possible. Our engineering is a prerequisite for cost-optimised technical solutions in the heavy-duty sector.

But efficient use of heavy-duty equipment also requires experienced and highly trained personnel. In heavylift engineering, there are rarely recurring assembly processes with standardised installation procedures - and it is precisely this flexibility that we specialise in. In combination with sound heavy-duty project engineering, we solve every problem individually. A prerequisite for this is knowledge of statics, mechatronics, electrics and electronics. Equipped in this way, complete installations and complicated salvages using lifting and transport equipment are also possible, for example.

Top priority is naturally given to individual HSQE measures to protect the health of all employees involved and the environment. This also includes uncompromising quality management with the aim of advancing your order in the best possible way and at the same time protecting the environment.