Warehousing for heavy goods and over-sized cargoes

Whether you're looking for an open space or a warehouse – we have the right storage space for you

Individual logistics services require flexible storage facilities. Many of our sites have corresponding storage areas, flying roofs and warehouses for the storage and final assembly of heavy goods.

The Felbermayr heavy load port in Linz on the River Danube, for example, has an open area spanning 240,000 square metres and around 58,000 square metres of warehousing. It goes without saying that we have powerful equipment available for bringing the heaviest goods to their intermediate storage facility. For assembly purposes, the area contains indoor cranes with a load capacity of up to 350 tons, which provide the perfect basis for storing and manufacturing industrial components.

Like the port in Linz, the heavy load port in Krefeld on the Rhine also has the facilities to connect rail, road and water transportation, as well as transship goods between them. The site is also home to a storage and assembly unit that covers an area of 4000 square metres and has a crane capacity of 400 tonnes. In addition to this, the port in Krefeld also has the resources for manufacturing industrial packaging and boasts crane systems for handling bulk goods and bulk cargo.