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Felbermayr Holding GmbH is the lead company for 31 operative subsidiaries whose focal activity points are mainly concentrated in the fields of transport and lifting technology as well as civil engineering and construction. With 76 sites in 17 countries, the Felbermayr Group is represented throughout Europe and its range of products, especially in the field of transport, is successfully marketed throughout the entire world. One of the company's main strengths is realising complete solutions which have been planned through to the smallest detail.

Within the field of transport, the basis for the company's strength lays in the integration of all three transport channels: road, rail and water. In addition, the extensive spectrum of services includes the disposal of large-scale units, the complete positioning of foundations, port handling and the storage of super-heavy freight. Currently, the Felbermayr Group employs about 3,000 qualified personnel who specialise in the fields of special transport, mobile cranes and work platform hire, heavy lift handling and civil engineering. This range of services is complemented by the local distribution of gravel and ready-mixed concrete as well as by the industries of building waste recycling, container rental and waste management. With these specialisations, the Felbermayr Holding generated 2022 a consolidated net turnover of about 677 million euros.

The past years have been characterised by continuous growth in all areas of the company. This meant that the successfully marketed range of services could be further expanded and complemented with new offerings. Continual targeted large investments in the fields of special vehicles, cranes and technical equipment secure the Group's technological lead in the future as well.


Turnover from 2011 to 2022

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Number of employees from 2011 to 2022

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