Multi-modal port operations

Heavy-load terminal with rail and road connections for combined transport

By establishing heavy load terminals in Linz (Austria), at Albern harbour in Vienna and in Krefeld (Germany), we have fully integrated Europe's two most important waterways – the Danube and the Rhine – into our transport logistics system. In addition to the water route, all three sites also boast rail and road connections. As a result, our heavy load terminals are also accessible by rail thus providing tri-modal transport hubs for multi-modal transport.

At more than 100 metres long and 17 metres wide, the docks in Linz can take even the largest heavy goods barges on the Danube. For transshipping, there are two gantry cranes with load-bearing capacities of 400 and 200 tons. With both combined, loads of up to 600 tons can be transferred.

Vienna’s Albern Port (A) – with its manipulation and storage area of some 4,000 square metres – is another multi-modal heavy load terminal in our portfolio. The facility allows for the transfer of goods weighing up to 450 tonnes.

As the operator of the port in Krefeld, we are a full service provider on the Rhine too, taking care of goods transportation, handling, transshipment and storage. A storage and handling area covering 40,000 square metres and a transshipment capacity of 500 tonnes give our customers ultimate flexibility and the peace of mind of knowing that our logistics processes make good economic and ecological sense.