Demolition and construction site clearing

Construction site clearance, demolition and dismantling

In order to be able to realise a project at all, you often need to remove the old. Professional demolition of building complexes, removal of roads, sewers and bridges complete our range of services.

Our demolition services division is a competent partner for all demolition, blasting and dismantling work as well as gutting demolished buildings. Its high-quality equipment includes special demolition machines such as high-reach excavators, hydraulic chisels, concrete cutters and concrete millers as well as sorting grabs and wrecking balls. Ancillary systems are put in place to reduce dust emissions. Mobile demolition equipment is also available for economically expedient construction logistics. Excellently trained employees specialised in planning and executing the most complex projects are also available in this division. Extreme heights and dimensions are likewise no issue here.

Adjacent buildings are protected and local residents are provided with the best possible protection from noise and dust. In special cases, continued production operations in neighbouring buildings can be safeguarded.