Landscaping and garden design


The Danner landscaping company is organisationally integrated into "Felbermayr-Tiefbau Österreich" [Felbermayr Civil Engineering Austria]. Danner ideally complements the existing Felbermayr trades with the greening of steep slopes, erosion control, landscaping and the design of outdoor facilities in general. As a result, after the civil engineering-oriented exterior design of industrial plants, the greening of these can also be offered. Danner uses near-natural techniques for this – a proven alternative to concrete and steel. This includes, for example, the erection of biological engineering barriers using wickerwork in hydraulic engineering.

Recultivation and new planting are carried out after a precise site analysis (soil, climate, altitude, exposure) with the appropriate choice of materials (seeds, fertilisers, soil additives). With the help of this basic information, it is possible for us to work out the best technical solution for our customers in the respective project and to implement it professionally.

We pass on this knowledge of the interconnections between nature and technology to our customers in an open-minded and future-oriented manner for the following areas:

  • Greening (straw, spray-on and normal seed greening, turfing)
  • Reforestation, large-scale and detailed plantings
  • Professional accompanying recultivation of mining and landfill areas, ski slopes and embankments in road and railway areas
  • Protection of areas at risk of erosion
  • Slope stabilisation by means of biological engineering construction methods (coir fabric, willow shoring)
  • Rockfall and rock protection (Krismer mesh, rockfall nets)
  • Artificial turf, decorative turf

In order to achieve optimum erosion protection, we offer flexible fastening systems adapted to the local conditions.

Areas of application

  • Slope protection with natural fibre fabrics made of coir
  • Biological engineering earthworks and hydraulic engineering (willow fascines, bush layers, sapling layers)
  • Combined protection in extreme situations (metal mesh with willow shoring and erosion control fabric)
  • Lining of drainage areas with turf
  • Slope protection and cladding of steep areas up to 65° using three-dimensional metal mesh (J.K. system)
  • Installation of rockfall protection nets
  • Rapid surface protection by spray-on greening with site-appropriate seeds


  • Immediate, permanent and mechanical stabilisation of the topsoil
  • Protection of seed, fertiliser and soil additives against erosion
  • Rapid development of a compact root layer
  • Combined surface stabilisation from biodegradable materials
  • Water permeability and grow-through capability for grasses and plants
  • Targeted drainage of slope water and precipitation water through drainage effect

From the design of small areas to the execution of major projects (e.g. outdoor facilities around industrial buildings), we carry out all related services in the field of design and maintenance.

  • Soil preparation (shaping, levelling, soil improvement)
  • Laying out of lawns (standard seeding and turf)
  • All types of planting (including transplanting large trees)
  • All mowing work (also in steep and impassable terrain)
  • Professional topiary as well as hedge, shrub and tree pruning

Taking into account the wishes and ideas of our customers, we offer conceptual and advisory support in both the planning and execution of the above services by our trained specialist staff.

As an importer of Fivestar Grass for Austria, we are able to provide you with high-quality and visually appealing artificial turf.

​​​​​​​Areas of application

  • Private gardens (shaded areas, terraces, roof gardens, courtyards, etc.)
  • Central reservation greening and roundabouts
  • Company areas with representative greenery
  • Children's playgrounds, leisure facilities, event areas
  • Creative garden design


  • Low-maintenance
  • Able to withstand intensive use
  • Extremely resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Quick and simple installation

Our rock colouring process enables cost-effective and transitionless colouring of excavation areas in mining and shotcrete areas.

By applying a special emulsion of natural dye and adhesive - combined with spray-on greening as required - we offer the optimal recultivation method in inaccessible, difficult terrain, thereby achieving visual rock ageing that usually only develops after years of exposure to the elements.

With the Danner rock colouring system, you have the increasing requirements for nature conservation and environmental protection well under control.