Felbermayr Deutschland GmbH

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Felbermayr Deutschland GmbH
Nickerner Weg 8
01257 Dresden
Tel.: +49 351 795748-0
Fax: +49 351 795748-19
Email: dresden@­felbermayr.cc
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Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Enrico Bräuer Divisional management, Lusatia region e.braeuer@­felbermayr.cc
Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Jörg Raschke Divisional management, Lusatia region j.raschke@­felbermayr.cc
Heiko Rees Technical field service h.rees@­felbermayr.cc
Bodo Patzig Technical field service b.patzig@­felbermayr.cc
Richard Henker Platforms material requirements planning r.henker@­felbermayr.cc
Sabine Triquet Material requirements planning s.triquet@­felbermayr.cc
Ines Bloßfeld Technical field service i.blossfeld@­felbermayr.cc

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